Wildlife Habitat

Make your garden a wildlife friendly place

At Fullscapes we’re passionate about gardening in harmony with nature. We advise clients to take a few simple changes to encourage wildlife into their garden and create a refuge for species that may struggle in the wild.

Lawns are perfect feeding grounds for birds as they peck for worms and aerate your grass. Letting the grass grow long in even a small corner of your garden will make space for plant and insect species like butterflies as well as creating an area for wildflowers, daisies and buttercups, a good food source for insects and moths. Similarly a patch of nettles and rotting log pile will provide a habitat for beetles, insects and spiders while a compost heap not only enriches your soil but provides refuge for woodlice, frogs and slow worms.

Creating a pond is one of Fullscapes favourite things to do to boost wildlife. Clients find it so rewarding to create a pool with different levels filled with natural rainwater. This encourages pond life and plants like waterlilies will keep the water clear for fish, frogs, toads, dragonflies and pond skaters to thrive.

We suggest that fences have gaps at the bottom to be hedgehog friendly and allow garden friends to move freely. Don’t forget to add bird feeders and bird boxes to provide a safe home for garden birds.

Native species of flowers and climbers are best. Try to ensure you have colour all season from early spring to late autumn for a beautiful garden that is also a brilliant source of food and pollen as well as providing cover for birds and insects. Ed is a keen photographer and passionate about native wildlife so he is delighted to advise you on some wildlife friendly planting schemes that all the family can enjoy.

Please call Ed on 0771 9425057 for a free quotation on how to make your garden wildlife friendly.